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Raisins come in many different sizes and colours. Their colour can vary from a beautiful, shiny golden yellow to dry, wrinkled and black. Nevertheless, the taste is always very sweet and they possess many good qualities. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has named raisins in various hadith.

Safiyyah, daughter of Atiyyah, said: I entered upon Aisha with some women of AbdulQays, and asked her about mixing dried dates and raisins (for drink). She replied: I used to take a handful of dried dates and a handful or raisins and put them in a vessel, and then crush them (and soak in water). Then I would give it to the prophet (pbuh) to drink.

This drink was called ‘Nabidh’, and was one of the favourite drinks of Muhammad (pbuh). It is made by soaking raisins and dates in water, then drinking the mixture and eating the fruit. Another idea is to blend the mixture with a smoothie. Of course, you can always just eat the raisins as they are and still gain some amazing benefits.

1. Improve the quality of your hair

Raisins are filled with iron, vitamin B complex, potassium and are a strong antioxidant. These compounds have an important role in healthy and shiny hair. By eating raisins regularly, you can help prevent hair loss.

2. Balance high blood pressure

Raisins can also help to reduce a high blood pressure. Raisins contain lots of potassium which means they are able to relax the blood vessels and reduce the pressure. This is why raisins also benefit those suffering from coronary diseases.

3. Strengthen your bones

The potassium in raisins is also important for our bones by strengthening them. Raisins also contain boron, a mineral that stimulates bone growth and development. If you have a shortage of soron, it usually leads to osteoporosis – So, try and give your children a portion of raisins instead of candy!

4. Improve your skin

Raisins are full of antioxidants, and by eating them regularly you can improve the health of your skin. Raisins also delay the aging process because of resveratrol which cleans your blood from impurities and increases the amount of red blood cells.

5. Reduce sexual concerns

Raisins contain arginine which stimulates the libido and also helps men with potency problems. It can even improve fertility problems by increasing the motility of the sperm cell, granting a higher chance of conception.

6. Improve the health of your teeth

Research has shown that raisins can lead to bacteria not being able to stick to your teeth. This will prevent plaque and cavities.

For such a simple, easy-to-eat food, raisins possess a lot of highly beneficial qualities that can seriously improve your health. Head out to the store and buy some! You’ll be amazed at the results.

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