Some may say your odds of surviving breast cancer are the same now as they were 50 years ago when the only treatment was a mastectomy. This article will offer advice on the best ways to prevent breast cancer and understand this often fatal disease.

Go natural
Billions of dollars have been spent on treatments and breast cancer research, including the so-called “modern” treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. The amount of money being spent is concerning, considering the continuous deaths and the detrimental effects of chemotherapy and radiation. To stop breast cancer, you must take practical steps to improve your health and decrease your chances of finding yourself with this illness.

Balance Your Hormones
Saliva hormone screening is available so you can check your hormone levels. This is an accurate way to determine the ranges of free and effective hormones. Blood screening cannot provide a genuine reading and only actions protein bound or inactive hormones. It is very common for females to possess too much estrogen and too little progesterone; this type of imbalance can increase the risk of cancer.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy uses hormones derived from normal plants. There are reports which claim the human body understands these plant-based hormones better than synthetic hormones. They’re a replica of the hormones manufactured in the thyroid, ovaries, adrenals, pituitary, and testes.

Bioidentical hormones have also lead to a reversal of many age-related symptoms and indicate a dramatic health improvement.

Detoxify your blood & body
A body detoxification can be an important tool for blocking ANY cancer, including breast cancer. A body filled with pesticides, PCB’s, fluorides, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi is like a bomb waiting to explode. It’s merely a matter of time before the toxins and compounds trigger a cascade of reactions within your body leading to disease.

Food and diet
A healthy diet can be extremely essential for breast cancer prevention. It is crucial you remove foods which contain an excessive amount of estrogen, such as, dairy products, soy products, and poultry. These meals are likely to increase your estrogen levels, which may bring about an increased risk of breast cancer.

Other ingredients to avoid are harmful trans-fats, which are within margarine and polyunsaturated oils. These fats are extremely unsafe for your body, resulting in a heightened risk of cancer and degenerative diseases.

We live in a world where cancer appears to be a constant threat, however, with these simple methods, we can aim to strengthen our bodies in order to avoid this horrible disease.