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About Najat

Najat Haddouch is a medical professional, founder and manager director of two Islamic Medicine Clinics in Holland for over 7 years. Her Islamic health clinics are offering a variety of islamic medical treatment services such as Hijama, Roqiya, Nutrition, Herbal healing, Leech therapy, Apitherapy, massage, NLP and medical research…


Najat experience and insight into Hijamah as well as her successful Islamic Medicine Clinics worldwide is reflected throughout her book.

Why Attend Our Upcoming Hijama Course?

What does Najat offer with her Hijama course?

She trains and certify Hijama Practitioners to the highest standards and helps them to start their own practise and generate a stable income. She helps others about the natural healing, sunnah of Hijama.


When does the Hijama course start?

The course will be launched online on the first of April 2016. It is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish.


Do I get a certificate after completion?

We offer an Accredited Higher Diploma (Level 5) in Hijama Cupping Therapy (Dip.HCT) and certify graduates with Certified Hijama Practitioner (CHP) status. Which will confirm your status as a practitioner of Islamic Medicine & Hijama.


What can I do after completion of the course?

After completion, you will be able to apply this theory and knowledge in to real life, practical, clinical situations. You will be able to work as a mobile Hijama practioner or start your Hijama clinic on a professional.


My headache has gone, and the shoulder complaints have been severely reduced. I feel much better now. After each Hijama treatment I feel reborn. My body experiences an inner cleansing. I am fitter, more energetic and feel so much better now. Do I recommend it? Without a doubt. I have gotten everyone in my vicinity to undergo Hijama treatments themselves just as my friend referred me.

N. Harbouch

Healthy Sisters

In conclusion I have found the course to be very educative, especially the part about the human psyche and the self-healing capabilities. The taught theory could immediately be applied to real life practical applications, by means of practicing on each other. I recommend learning about Hijama to everyone. Take the first step towards a healthy treatment. Your health is all that matters!

N. Aissati

Student of the Hijama Course

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