About Najat

Najat Haddouch is a medical professional, founder and manager director of two Islamic Medicine Clinics in Holland for over 7 years. Her Islamic health clinics are offering a variety of islamic medical treatment services such as Hijama, Roqiya, Nutrition, Herbal healing, Leech therapy, Apitherapy, massage, NLP and medical research.

Besides this, she is the founder of UK-based Islamic Medicine Academy that provides online courses in Hijama or wet cupping. So far she has coached and trained over 300 people in Europe. And authored the book: Hijama, how to heal according to the sunnah.

Najat is a qualified psychiatric nurse. She is well educated in healthcare and has done multiple courses in natural healing.

Najat is passionate about Islamic medicine and devoted her life to help heal people around the world according to the sunnah. She has seen the results of her treatments bringing smiles to the faces of thousands of her patients, most of whom had been unsuccessfully trying other modes of treatments for years.