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 Do you want to improve peoples health according to the sunnah?

 Do you want to impact the lives of people who have health problems?

 And while doing it practise the sunnah,
earn rewards for the hereafter and earn a hallal living?

My name is Najat Haddouch


When I was 18 years old, I began my career in healthcare. Taking care of the sick gave me a lot of satisfaction in life, and for a period of time, I was very happy with my job. Several years on, after looking after countless patients, I began to feel that there has to be more that I can do to make these patients feel better instead of giving them medication. I wanted to spend my time in an even more meaningful way. In fact, I knew that islam had the answer. Every day I thought, “Why are you wasting your time? This is not the work that you are supposed to do.

But I don’t know what exactly I could do! After all, I liked helping others.

Coincidentally, it was through my mother that I was introduced to the practice of Hijama – the traditional way of removing toxins from the body by letting out a little blood from the body.

I never knew what it was, but I was willing to explore further. During that time I already began to dive into Islamic medicine. I wanted to know more about it. Through my researches and studies, I discovered that Hijama was recommended by our prophet (pbuh), and this got me really, really excited. In my heart, I felt that it could be that one thing that can make my life more meaningful by orders of magnitude.

Well, fast-forward to today,

I now teach Hijama and practice Hijama for a living!

Imagine a woman, a daughter of immigrants, who used to believe that drugs where the only solution, out there helping people, removing their pain and agony in a natural way, and doing all of this while earning a living and reaping the rewards of Allah the exalted.

It’s an absolutely incredible feeling…

In fact, after so many years of practicing this art, I’ve come to realize that it is my responsibility to spread the practice of Hijama and allow almost anyone be able to do what I have done – earn a living in an Islamic environment, spreading the teachings of the prophet pbuh and most importantly, helping other people.

Before we dive into that,

let’s first understand how exactly does Hijama cure and heal?

In simple terms, it:

Removes impurities from the bloodstream and body’s vital organs;

Gets rid of excess “bad” blood;

Removes toxins from the body;

Regulates body temperature by reducing excess body heat;

Reduces inflammation and swelling in muscle tissue;

Helps the body heal itself faster;

That is A LOT of benefits for a single method of healing, and they are all scientifically proven…

But some of you might doubt me. You might be thinking about a few questions:


 How can I possibly practice this without ANY experience?
 How can I make a living from Hijama?
 This is an incredibly niche practice, how do I find help and support in this journey?

Well you see, when I started out on this journey, I had NOBODY to turn to except for Allah and my mum, who had some experience in this practice. I had to study and figure out everything by myself, and admittedly, it was not an easy journey.

But the bottom-line is, I made it!

I’ve learnt everything I could about Hijama and helped thousands of people. I’ve mastered this practice and today, I have patients from all over the world putting their faith in Allah and me, and allowing me to help them relieve their pain.

And you can be exactly where I am today, and even more. Imagine you also serving more, do more, be more—AND deliver value in the lives of your brothers and sisters, feel motivated, empowered, and excited about your daily job And while doing this earn a living and the rewards from Allah, exalted is he.

In fact, to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes that I’ve made, I’ve compiled EVERYTHING that I ever knew about Hijama into a course that can be understood by anybody!

Yes, anybody…

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to learn from this course:

1.  How Does Cupping Work?

2.  Detailed Explanation to the Effectiveness of Hijama

3.  Understand how hijama works in the body, according the different theories

4.  Understand the concepts of hijama, detoxification and the immune system

5.  That hijama is a form of Roqya

6.  Learn how to diagnose the different stages of ilness by looking at the skin, color and posture

7.  Learn how to take anamnesis

8.  Learn all the tips to perform hijama correctly

9.  Learn how to measure blood pressure and why it’s important

10.  Step-by-step Guide to Performing Hijama

11.  Understanding the Human Body

12.  How to Make A Living with Hijama

13.  7 Principles of Effective Listening

14.  Understanding Hijama Hygiene


Today, you do not have to go through the same experience that I had to go through, and instead, you can build upon what I’ve learnt and head straight onto the path of success. Hijama is a wonderous technique that is endorsed by our Prophet pbuh himself and it is a practice that is definitely worth your time and your effort.

Today, you can have a chance to not only learn but to apply the practice Hijama, and spread the power of good to more people for only a small cost.

Today, “Hijama and cupping Course” is priced at only 595.

When you purchase this course, not only will you receive hours and hours of quality content on how to practice Hijama effectively, and even possibly make a living from it like I did, you will also receive the following for free.


My “Hijama” Book


6 Months access to my monthly coaching group


Access to my private Facebook group

E-Book “How to cure your itches, twitches and pain naturally”


Full PDF report on how to start a hijama practise


E-Book on Roqya

All of the above will be provided to you for free upon your purchase of the course.

And that is not everything!

Islamic medicine academy aims to give back to the community. This is why we will donate 10% of every single sale to the IMAN foundation (non profit). No gimmicks and completely transparent.


My headache has gone, and the shoulder complaints have been severely reduced. I feel much better now. After each Hijama treatment I feel reborn. My body experiences an inner cleansing. I am fitter, more energetic and feel so much better now. Do I recommend it? Without a doubt. I have gotten everyone in my vicinity to undergo Hijama treatments themselves just as my friend referred me.

N. Harbouch

Healthy Sisters

In conclusion I have found the course to be very educative, especially the part about the human psyche and the self-healing capabilities. The taught theory could immediately be applied to real life practical applications, by means of practicing on each other. I recommend learning about Hijama to everyone. Take the first step towards a healthy treatment. Your health is all that matters!

N. Aissati

Student of the Hijama Course

My sister told me about Hijama therapy. During the treatment, with placing the cup and sucking in the skin, I felt more pain. I thought, “I might not be able to walk after this”, but during the treatment my symptoms lessened. After three treatments, thank God, I am pain free. Now I repeat the Hijama treatment quarterly. This is my way of staying healthy.
After my first Hijama treatment, I was so impressed with this cure that I decided to train with sister Najat. Now I am a certified Hijama therapist and help others with their health issues. I enjoy the contact with different kinds of people and it gives me a lot of satisfaction. What’s better than to make a living with something that comes from faith?”

Hanan Dahmani

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